Welcome to Best Lawyer Life and the MCP!

What is the MCP? Named after its creators, Megan Moore & Cami McLaren, the Meg & Cami Project (MCP) is a program intended to change the practice of law.

The MCP is for attorneys ready to create and maintain careers that are balanced, income-generating, productive, and fulfilling.

Certified coaches and attorneys Cami McLaren and Meg Moore offer their experience and expertise to guide you through courses that will support you in achieving what you want in your legal career.

Work-Life Balance Course

In the MCP Work-life Balance Course, Coaches Cami McLaren and Megan Moore provide tools for identifying your work-life balance needs and how to work through challenges specific to attorneys for attaining that balance. The course includes educational videos and worksheets so you can create the balance you want, even with a busy a legal career. Topics include understanding the coaching model, creating accountability, identifying what you want, and understanding what gets in the way of achieving it. Although we recommend completing at least once lesson per week, the course can be completed at your own pace.